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Why 2602?
The title of the documentary movie produced for the Film Foundation by Holland Harbour provokes questions.
In the just-conquered Dutch East Indies, a decree of 29 April 1942, Emperor Hirohito's birthday, laid down that from then on Japan must be referred to as Nippon, and also introduced the Japanese time and year. From that moment onwards until 15 August 2605 / 1945, the population of the Netherlands East Indies was living in the year 2602 (1942) and so on.
This Japanese calendar, called 'Kouki', equalled the Christian calendar + 660. It was established in 1873 and used in Japan together with the solar calendar since then until 1945. The Japanese government in 1873 established a national holiday to celebrate the foundation of the Japanese Empire, and the beginning of the era. Called Kigensetsu, and fixed as February the 11th on the solar calendar, it was celebrated until the end of World War II.
Background to this was the year 660BC, the year of enthronement of the first emperor of Japan, reputed to be Kamuyamato-Iwarehiko, posthumously called Emperor Jimmu. The present emperor is considered to be the direct descendant of Emperor Jimmu.