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The web site www.hetjaar2602.nl was launched August 15 2009. It utilizes extensive audio interviews of various persons interviewed for the movie, illustrated with photographs of the interviewees made by renowned photographer Dana Lixenberg.
The web site is in the Dutch language only. But some parts of it are of interest, even if you don't read Dutch

Go to www.hetjaar2602.nl
Your first choice is between "bestel de dvd" en "ga naar de website".
Choosing "bestel de dvd" will take you to a dvd purchase procedure, which offers payment by several routes, among them VISA, MasterCard & Paypal. Note that the DVD itself has standard optional English sub-titles throughout.

Click on "ga naar de website" and you reach a portrait gallery. Click on any one portrait, then (right bottom) on "thema's". Bottom row right you can choose "Film: Tempo doeloe", an amalgam of pre-war family movies, or on "Film: terug naar Nederland", the 1946 evacuation voyage to the Netherlands, with a stop near the Suez canal in Egypt, where the evacuees were taken by a small train to receive clothing in Attaka.

Back to the portraits, by clicking on any one of the 25 pictures you get a complete interview, sorry, in Dutch. But you can click on youth pictures and on 2008 photographs of the interviewees made by renowned Dutch photographer Dana Lixenberg.