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Toos Blokland †
Mrs Toos Blokland passed away on Saturday 16 August 2014. She was the eldest of the 19 persons who told her stories in "The year 2602". Toos also published her war diary in a book with the title "Vrouwenleed" (Sufferings of women - see the Dutch version of this website). A teenager when entering the camps, Toos provided a very articulate contribution to the movie.

Buitenkampers on BVN
Satellite station BVN, is the Dutch-language TV station for Dutchmen overseas - provided they get their programs via satellite dish .

BVN will show the shortened version of documentary Buitenkampers on Wednesday 27 august (21:01h), and on Thursday 28 August 2014 (09:01h). Time is in GMT+1. Information on and on

Interested in the history of the Dutch in Indonesia during WW-2? The BVN shows abovementioned documentary only in Dutch, but the original movie can be ordered on DVD, and that DVD has English subtitles.

(August 7, 2012)
Nel van der Ploeg - van Zijl
On 5 April 2012 Mrs P. (Nel) van der Ploeg - van Zijl passed away, age 79. In the documentary "The year 2602" Nel tells her story of war and internment. She shares with the viewer how she experienced the onset of war, and how hard the news of her father's death in a faraway camp struck her. After World War II Nel was a teacher in the Netherlands, then lived for many years in Tanzania and Swaziland with her family, where she taught the English language.

(August 2, 2012)
Jan  Blok
On 12 July 2012 Mr J A (Jan) BLok passed away, age 80. Before retirement Jan taught commerce and economics. He grew up in the then Dutch East Indies, and is one of the 19 persons who jointly tell the story in the movie "The year 2602". Jan's controlled but clear style of narrating contributed to the characteristically cool style of this movie.

(February 17, 2012)
Film Foundation Japanese Occupation 1942-45
We adapted our name, replacing "Civilian camps" with "Occupation". The name change reflects our broadened scope to include the WW-II experiences of all Dutch civilians, including those outside the concentration camps in the occupied Dutch East Indies.
We have largely completed our first movie project: "The year 2602", which ran its course in Dutch movie theaters, was broadcast on national TV, and continues to be sold as DVD (mail us for ordering instructions).

For our new film project "Outside the camps - the color of survival" (see below) we are busy raising funds. At this stage we request mails from those who can share with us their experiences in occupies Dutch East Indies and in the emerging Indonesia. Reach us at
Derk HilleRisLambers, secretary

(Dec 28, 2011)
"The year 2602" op
Our movie "The year 2602" can now be accessed through Click on and make your choice between watching online for $1.99 or downloading for $ 9.99.

(Oct 10, 2011)
"Buitenkampers - De Kleur van Overleven", our new movie project
We have joined forces with Holland Harbour (Nadadja Kemper & Rob Vermeulen) and with Scarabee films. Hetty Naaijkens-Retel Helmrich, known from the popular documentary "Contractpensions - Djangan loepah!", will direct a movie with the working title "Buitenkampers - De kleur van Overleven".
Our new film title translates to "Outside the Camps - The color of survival". The movie will be about the experiences of those Dutch citizens who in WW-2 in Indonesia had to survive outside the concentration camps. Predominantly Indo Dutch, these 'Buitenkampers' faced increasingly hard times surviving in a country that under the Japanese occupation turned itself increasingly against everything and everybody Dutch. After Japan's capitulation this culminated in the murderous rampages of the Pemuda's, young Indonesian nationalists, during the horrible Bersiap period.
Finally, with the transfer of sovereignty to the Republik Indonesia Serikat in 1949, the Indo Dutch, rooted in the country, had to choose between evacuation to a cold and poorly known fatherland, and a continued existence in motherland where there was no place for them.

If you have personal experience of this period in Dutch history that you are ready to relate, please mail to us at A brief mail will suffice, and your mail will be transferred to the producers.

(Nov 10, 2010)
'The year 2602' on America's West coast
On 28 October 2010 "The year 2602" (Dutch,  English subtitles) was shown in the Pickford Cinema in Bellingham, State of Washington. Clara Olink Kelly, author of "The Flamboya tree" introduced the movie to an audience of 55 viewerd. Its DVD was also offered for sale on this occasion. There was a great crowd on this occasion, including many for whom this part of history was completely new.

Lowered sales price of DVD 'The year 2602'
We have lowered the price for the DVD to
‚ā¨ 15.-. Shipping costs have still to be added: ‚ā¨ 1.95 for delivery within the Netherlands, ‚ā¨ 5.95 for delivery abroad. Prices apply only to deliveries via

Change in mail address for ordering our DVD
The previously mentioned  address dvd @ for ordering dvd's is no longer valid one. Please route all mails for ordering the DVD of 'The Year 2602' to the following address:


273000 viewers on national TV
'Het jaar 2602', shown national on TV August 13 2009, attracted 273000 viewers. For such late-evening broadcast (22:45), we are very satisfied with these numbers.

DVD "Het jaar 2602" (The year 2602), retail price ‚ā¨ 17.95 English subtitles
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Technical data
This "region free" dvd has optional English sub-titles. It works on players and screens of the PAL system as used in Europe and most other countries in the world. In the USA a multi-system player and TV screen are needed, but a modern computer will be able to play the disk regardless.


All films have English sub-titles available. The dvd features "The year 2602" plus three additional exclusive films. One shows more pre-war footage of Dutch children in the Dutch East Indies, another follows the sea voyage home, after the war. Willeke van Ammelrooy made the portrait of a mother (Nell van de Graaf) who survived detention with her four children.

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